Rebel On The Highway

Rebel on the Highway - The Movie, transcends the Hollywood cliché of biker movies, and uses well-known members of the motorcycle community across America as the cast,” said Dennis Sanfilippo, Executive Producer.

Rebel on the Highway was co-written by Charlie Brechtel and his wife Sabrina. Brechtel is a well-known musician who has played with the likes of John Lee Hooker, Greg Allman, and Deacon Jones. Borrowing from his storied musical career, Brechtel, a New Orleans native, integrates motorcycle music & audio into the movie through cast members Deacon Jones, Charlie Musselwhite, Guitar Mac, and Guitar Shorty. The classic struggle of good over evil pits down-on-his-luck musician Charlie Brechtel against the Devil, who uses manipulations, evil agents and even a touch of Voo Doo to gain possession of Charlie’s soul. Trying to make sense of it all and find his way, Charlie is aided by a little Divine Intervention. It all culminates with a motorcycle race on a lonely road in Angels Camp, California, as the Devil puts everything on the line in a final attempt to win Charlie’s soul.

The only professional actor in the movie is Mickey Jones, known by his many roles in action movies and as Bob Dylan’s drummer.  Other biker cast members include musicians, magazine and photo-journalists, builders, racers, and motorcycle cycle club members from California, Louisiana, Wisconsin, New York,